Why dream of a wave?

Dmitry Chepcheruk
Dmitry Chepcheruk
August 8, 2012
Why dream of a wave?

Humanity has been watching dreams for a long time. It is an established fact that dreams may foreshadow certain events. There are many different dream books for children and adults, as well as their distribution by classes: lunar, psychoanalytic, idiomatic and others. In this article we will understand what the waves are dreaming about.

Children's dream book

Waves are a symbol of concern for their lives or the abundance of various events. If the waves in a dream are small - this means that important events occur in your life, and you are experiencing it because of them. Why dream of big waves? Be careful. Occurring events can cause great harm.

Idiomatic dream book

To be on the wave - you will have success and good luck, but now you are experiencing great excitement. A huge wave of something covers - some thing in your life will burn. There may be problems.

Moon dream

Waves dream, foreshadowing the road or travel.

Small Velesov

Wave dream to the road or to obstacles.The wave hits the shore - a quick solution to all cases. Pure, transparent wave - to trouble. Turbid wave - a disease or quarrel. Big wave - to fire or loss.