Why dream of a pig?

A pig, seen in a dream, can foreshadow wealth or trick, gossip and win, income. The interpretations of what the pig dreams about are often negative, as this animal is considered unpleasant, dirty, not respectable.

Dream Aesop

According to Aesop's dream book, a pig smeared with mud dreams of gossip, lying in a pile of mud - of unpleasant things that you have to participate in, even if you don’t want to. When a pig is dreaming, walking in the yard with little pigs who are not afraid of anything - rudeness and arrogance from a person who aspires to bypass rivals in business are ahead.

A dream about a pig that digs up the roots of trees - someone will spoil the matter with his unprofessionalism, bring a lot of trouble. To feed a pig from expensive dishes is a waste of money, bitter disappointment; to see her in the house, in her favorite place - deception, quarrels with friends or relatives, parting with her loved ones. A pig in a crown is a sign of conflict at work, as a result of which the duty station will have to be changed.

Freund's Dream

Freud's dream interpretation explains what pigs dream about, like this: a dirty animal - there is not enough trust between people, attention, care, affection, all ideas about how relationships should develop should not correspond to reality. Ride a pig - with interest and a new way to spend time, but stay with an ambiguous opinion about the situation.

Dreaming tarot

The dream of pigs is the harbinger of future challenges.

Veles dream

A pig dreams to a large income, important guests, but a dirty one - to failure, spreading false rumors by someone, to see a pig in a house - the disease will pass by. Pigs with piglets - income, slaughtering it for meat - fulfillment of desires, died - problems, eating pork is a disease.

Ukrainian dream book

What dreams of a live pig? Pigs with pigs - guests, if they come out of the gate to the street - gossip from the family, enter - slander and lies will come from the outside. Black pig - enemies, a lot of adult pigs - theft.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

He sees pigs in a dream with deception, theft, false libel. A pig digs in the ground - meeting with a greedy person, stroking it - flattering someone, cutting it - to a big conflict at work, eating pork - a journey.To see a piglet is to expect an inheritance from a miserly person who will have to be taken care of

Dream Dream

The dream of a big pig reflects the dream of a dreamer, the desire is many and tasty to eat. In the dream book of the witch Medea, the pig is an image of a friend, for whom there is no respect, the animal at the trough is a symbol of not grooming, in a puddle - waiting for family troubles.

In the dream books to the question of what a big pig dreams of, it is said that this is a sign of success and income, if a pig runs - you need to pay attention and temporarily not share plans for the future, even with your family. To feed a pig is a rich future, to see a wild one - harm from envious people, a pigsty is a big conflict at home or they want to deceive you, to blame you. A pig in the blood - gaining credibility, running away - avoiding problems, killed - to ailments, butchering - the ability to correctly distribute income, plan things.