Why is the engine in oil?

Some, especially "older" cars, suffer from many diseases, one of which is the leakage of engine oil from the engine. It is characteristic of almost all VAZ models that plow the expanses of our vast country. Of course, some "advanced" experts advise in such cases to change the car or, at worst, the gasket (preferably between the steering wheel and the seat). But this is a joke. But if seriously, let's understand.


It happens that from the side of the spark engine covers a thin layer of engine oil. It is on the wires, and on the filter cleaning gasoline, and on the wall of the engine, and falls on the fuel pump. And on top, right and front - the motor is dry.

Why is the engine in oil and what to do in this case? First of all "on the cold" check the tightening under the petrol pump and breather, look if the valve cover is tightly screwed. Perhaps the oil drives out from under the candles. It comes through the valve seals to the spark plug thread and is then blown out onto the block. In general, if the carving of candles is in oil, this is bad and indicates some deterioration of the engine and its parts. May soon have to do kapitalku.

Flashlight - to help

In general, take a look, does the engine eat the oil? Specialists advise: start the engine and warm it, in the dark with a LED flashlight at good speed to enlighten the entire compartment. You will immediately see where the oil "figachit." It can be squeezed out from under the head cover. Then it must be tightened properly. In general, thoroughly wash the engine from above and on the sides (using special means, or with kerosene or gasoline), dry it and tighten all the bolts. It happens that such a procedure helps to establish at least the place where the oil flows from. Also, it would not hurt to check the compression in the cylinders using a special device - it is quite easy to do, even without the help of a wizard. If, for example, compression “8” is on the “nine”, then this is very bad! For the “classics”, such a figure is the lower norm.

Crankshaft pulley

One of the most common reasons for “why the engine is in oil?” On the “classics” is the crankshaft pulley. Oil is sprayed over the entire surface of the engine cooling fan. Causes - wear of the pulley surfaces in the area of ​​the gland edge. If, however, when replacing the gland on the pulley, a deep groove from the gland is found, then the pulley itself must also be changed (moreover, check the diameter, the roughness of its surface for the gland).It also sometimes happens that the pulley has burst when putting it on the crankshaft. This is the reason for the leakage and splashing of oil.

Crankcase tube

And it happens that the crankcase ventilation tube itself is crammed if it is connected to an air filter. A good option is to bring the phone under the car. So do with the "older" engines, many. It even helps. Only your car looks a bit weird with a smoking tail under the bottom.

Flushing engine

In some cases there is a leak due to poor quality oil and, accordingly, a dirty engine. In this case, flush the engine (good, special equipment is now sold abound) and change the oil to a higher quality.

In general, as the jokers-masters say, if this is a Soviet machine and no oil flows from it, then it simply doesn’t have it there! And in this, of course, there is some grain of truth.