Why love the heart?

Samuel El Midlake
Samuel El Midlake
March 27, 2013
Why love the heart?

"The heart burns and the heart wants to love

In early spring, what would not forget

Your dear look I can find

Among the thousands of eyes that look.

The heart wants to love. Eyes want to look. Ears want to hear. That's the way a person works, and there's no way to go away from it. You always want to see the image of a nice person, hear a voice, and your heart beat in tune with the beat of his heart. When we see the silhouette of a loved one, even in a photograph, we feel a surge of strength, pleasant warmth in the chest, and we want to cling to it with our whole body. Something that we call love.

Disease that is called love

In real life, everything happens even more melodramatically. The blood pressure jumps, the pulse quickens, it dries up in the mouth, the heart knocks and knocks, and we rush to meet our loved ones. Feeling what is called: to love, so that the heart stops. This is our physiology, nowhere can one get from it.

Love is a disease. And paradoxically in the literal sense of the word. She pulls on feats, increases a pain barrier, reduces possible dangers, dulls fear and cold.The first weeks of love pass for a person under the sign of euphoria, a greater release of endorphins - hormones of joy and happiness. Therefore, constant passionate involvement, an overabundance of hormones, is akin to stress and can wear down the body. That is why, over time, our feelings cool down, and we look at each other a little differently, the protective mechanisms are activated, the body is rebuilt. Appear friendship, affection, respect.

Love physiology

However, if we understand the physiology of our feelings, then the question of why they love the heart is fundamentally wrong. Rather, why love a nose? Smell. The main factor of our love and the reason for the strings of any flirting. We appreciate each other by smell. Pheromones. Substances that give complete information to our brain about the object of desire. These invisible, microscopic spirits attract us and give birth to love.

We evaluate the visual image, look each other in the eyes, and understand the heart to love should. The root cause is different, but we love it is this body. It would be strange to explain the spiritual warmth inside a person with eyes, ears, stomach or liver.And the pain that breaks the chest when your loved one leaves you. However, there are other opinions.

Heart must love

Love. The continuation of the human race. Epic paintings and works of art. All this is connected with only one organ - the heart. In reality, this is so unlike the well-known image on the cards, but so ardent and sensitive in our relations.