Why never need to refuel the bed!

Do not make the bed in the morning: what does it say about the person? There are two correct answers: he is either sloppy or smart. The first is just to be lazy to make the bed in the morning, because now he is leaving, and in the evening he will return, and when he decides to go to bed, he will again have to make the bed. “But,” you say, “this is clever!” And we will agree, but there is another type of people who do not make the bed in the morning, not because of laziness, but because they know something. And they know about the dust mites that live in our beds and feed on the microscopic debris of our skin.

This nasty creature is now looking at you from the photo below:

It is so unpleasant in appearance that you will not even understand: is it wrapped around us with a face or ... "back"? However, it does not matter! We can not see them with the naked eye because of the microscopic dimensions. But this is not important, because despite their minimum size, these creatures do their job perfectly: they feed, multiply and poop.And the more they multiply, the more they poop. And the more of their microscopic poops in our bed, the more we breathe them, because they are so light that even with a slight shaking of the blankets they rise and hang in the air. And we breathe them. We are breathing and are threatened with unpleasant diseases.

Scientists say that a population of 1.5 million hungry dust mites lives in an ordinary person’s bed. 1.5 million, Carl! And all this herd is just waiting for us to create favorable conditions for breeding for them: we will make the bed, not letting the moisture that has fallen on the bed and the blanket from sweat evaporate, thus creating a real greenhouse.

Therefore, not to fill the bed in the morning is a conscious choice that smart people make in order to maintain their place of sleep in proper hygiene. A bed that is not filled and well-dried in summer, or cooled by frosty air in winter is a guarantee of health: although dust mites multiply quickly, they also quickly die in adverse conditions - too warm or too cold.

By the way, it's not at all necessary to leave a bed not tucked all day.In the morning, after awakening, move the blanket off the mattress and open the entire window, even in winter. While you wash your face, have breakfast and get dressed for work, the bed “will come in order” and it can be made just before leaving.