Why the first time hurt?

Deprivation of virginity is a very important and crucial moment in the life of any person. And if for a guy it is rather a psychological change, then for a girl during sexual contact irreversible changes occur due to the rupture of the hymen. This is a possible reason why it is painful to have sex the first time. In medicine, the gap of the hymen is called defloration.

Why did the girl hurt for the first time

The defloration process itself can be uncomfortable. But if the girl is ready for the first sexual intercourse, the gap of the chaff can even pass unnoticed. How to prepare?

First, throw out of the head all the stories and rumors. The power of human suggestion is limitless. There are reliably known cases in history when, in the Middle Ages, prisoners were shown a hot rod, described how punishment would now take place, blindfolded, and then applied to the open skin an ordinary cold piece of metal. From fear and the power of suggestion, the subjects experienced a real thermal burn at the point of contact.Therefore, forget the common expression that the first time it always hurts, it is not at all so!

Secondly, calm down and relax, the main thing is that you consciously approached this business, chose the most worthy partner, which means everything will work out at the highest level. First let's do the moral training. Set up a date in advance so that both of you know what is going to happen. You can take an aromatic bath, make each other a relaxing massage. Just do not abuse alcohol. A glass of wine, of course, will help to relax, but more can erase this exciting event altogether.

Then, when you begin to pre-caresses - give them as much time as possible, pain may arise simply from lack of lubrication in the vagina. She appears only from arousal. Given the excitement of the first time, just in case, you can stock up on a special intimate lubricant. Before use, use it, it is guaranteed to relieve you from pain and discomfort.

If, however, after the first time it hurts or there are other discomfort, refrain from sex for a few days.If the pain persists, consult a doctor.

The situation with the possible pain in girls is understandable, but what if the guy hurts the first time and why can this happen? The guys also have one feature that can cause pain during the first sexual intercourse. Around the head of the penis, with his erection, is going to thin skin, which is called in the common people "bridle". With too intense frictions, the bridle can tear, causing slight pain and bleeding. You should not be afraid of this, this is a common micro-tear of the skin. Treat it with a disinfectant and apply a clean fleece - the wound will heal in a couple of days.

What if anal sex hurts for the first time

Anal sex is a bit different than usual. However, it can also cause pleasant sensations, like a guy and a girl. The orgasm from anal sex is much deeper and stronger than the vaginal, because there is an active stimulation of the so-called G point from an unusual angle. So that during anal sex it would not hurt either the first or the subsequent times, follow a few simple recommendations.

  • Be sure to use intimate lubrication;
  • Pay more attention to the preliminary caresses of the anus;
  • Act gradually and smoothly;
  • Use a condom, the microflora of the anus is fundamentally different from the microflora of the genital organs, there can be a conflict between them and, as a result, severe irritation may occur;
  • For the same reason, do not have regular sex immediately after anal.

No matter what sex you do, no matter what time it happens - remember the main thing is that sex brings only pleasure, be attentive to your feelings and to your partner. Be sure to give enough time to the preliminary caresses, have sex "dry" - a guarantee of pain. Trust and tenderness - your companions of good, high-quality sex!