With a tapestry in life!

The development of any applied art can be divided into three stages: • the invention of technology and the grinding of craftsmanship; • the creation of highly artistic works; • the mechanization of the process, recreating hand-made technique.

Today we can confidently state that the art of creating tapestries, originated in ancient Egypt, which archaeological evidence exists, has successfully passed all the above stages.

Everyday tapestry weaving every day offers the world products made both manually according to the laws of the ancient masters and more productive in a mechanized way on computerized machines. At the same time, exclusive, piece products created by hand and of artistic value, are on the same level with the masterpieces of world art and, accordingly, are available only to a few.

However, the golden principle of “better less and better” pushes many lovers of tapestry weaving to search for affordable and at the same time high-quality products in the performing and artistic sense.On the territory of Russia, the products of the "Studio of Textile Design" in Ivanovo have proved themselves well. On the official website http://gobelen-rus.ru/ you can get acquainted not only with the catalog of manufactured goods, but also with the principles of cooperation.

The key to the success of the company and the growing popularity of its products is to work with any orders, including: • wholesale products: pillowcases, bedspreads, tablecloths, napkins, bags, fabrics; • small tapestries representing landscapes , still lifes, architecture, flowers, wildlife, etc. • exclusive tapestries made to order.

The work of the Ivanovo studio combines an individual approach to the design of each tapestry in the catalog, i.e. the artistic component is necessarily present in all manufactured goods, and the capabilities of modern Dornier, Comet, Picanol machines, which make the final cost affordable for most Russian consumers.

The decisive factor that consolidates the leading position of this company in the domestic textile market is the policy of reasonable pricing: the optimal beauty-quality-price ratio opened the doors of many houses for Ivanovo tapestries.

The first line in the "hit parade" of sought-after tapestries occupy ... pillowcases. Yes, it is this very necessary and inexpensive item that is most often bought at retail, bringing the ancient art of weaving to the home. Today in the Russian market you can find pillowcases made in the tapestry style of the most varied plot orientation: • depicting girls and copying different styles of fine art, some of which recreate the author’s performance; • designed for children, with accented positive plots; • illustrating nature, and made in different styles from realistic to imitating Gzhel painting.

Second and third place, depending on fashion trends, is divided into wall tapestries and tapestry upholstery fabric. Often, both directions are used at the same time when creating stylized interior solutions, fortunately, the technology of creating such a canvas allows you to produce tapestries that fit any style.