Worse dogs: what realtors hate families with children

Ideal tenants consider singles and childless couples.

“As soon as the children start walking, immediately free the apartment! - the owners of the tiny little lorry in the town of Oktyabrsk, near Syzran, were indisputable. “We have repairs, they will spoil everything.”

In the Kolesnikov family, triplets were born in January. And after a couple of weeks, they were pointed to the door with a slight delay. The Kolesnikovs cannot take a mortgage - they won't give it, and if they do, it will be very difficult to pay: the babies were born prematurely, they need medical assistance, every penny from their parents is in the account. And renting another apartment is extremely difficult, no one wants to see problem tenants.

rent an apartment for a family with children
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With neither the announcement of the delivery of the apartment, the obligatory postscript: "Without children and dogs." Parents with a baby in their hands in most cases can only rely on the “grandmother’s apartment”, and even the owners will describe each polished door by the wall, every centimeter of wallpaper in flower and take the fabulous deposit for all this “antiques”. If there is still a taboo for owners of square meters, then these are animals.And then the “cute little dog”, in contrast to “the wonderful karapuz”, has much more chances to find an apartment for rent.

What are apartment owners afraid of?

Tamara Mikhailova, real estate agent:
Tamara Mikhailova

- The main reason why the owners refuse to rent an apartment to families with children is the fear that tenants will not be able to pay on time. It’s one thing to put a lone husband or a wife and a wife for late on the street, and another to send your parents to the night with their suitcases. Often, tenants miscalculate their opportunities incorrectly, they live on a penny, without a “airbag”, and if something happens suddenly, they start asking for a delay from their owners. But the owners of the apartment have their own circumstances and sometimes money is required urgently.

Also, families with children do not want to be allowed into the house, as they are afraid for repairs. The little ones will learn to walk, they will paint with felt-tip pens on the walls with fresh wallpaper, they will ruin almost new furniture. For the same reason, by the way, some owners refuse tenants with pets.

Another reason - the trampling, crying and noise from the babies. Neighbors often complain about this. It is understandable, if the apartment is rented by a childless family, which is at work from morning to evening, and in the evening it’s enough to have dinner and go to bed, then there’s no noise and problems.And if the kid spends half a day at home, having fun with fun running around and playing with a ball, then you can only rest in peace.

Tamara Mikhailova

Some of my clients complained that if someone is constantly in the apartment, and this is exactly what happens with mothers on maternity leave, she is faster ... "wears out." Constant cooking, cleaning, washing - all this does not add to the freshness of the atmosphere. Well, the more time you spend at home, the more chances you have to spoil, scratch, and break something.

Wday.ru conducted an experiment. On a popular free classifieds website, we’ve scored a search for a one-room apartment in a good area in a search engine;

So, ten options. Four of them - no animals and children. In the two hosts offered to meet and after that to decide whether they are ready to settle you. Two more options, where the price is an average of 2 thousand more than the standard.

“You know, we are ready only for small dogs like yorks or chihuahuas ... - Oops, and these options are rather flimsy. “Children? .. Well ... We need to think.”

And there are only two left, where the owners are ready to lodge in their apartment both animals and children without further ado and without raising the prices.

By the way, it is possible that the owners of the apartments are not so wrong.Do you know what a child is capable of doing, as soon as you turn away? Look in our gallery - on the arrow to the right.